The Outfit We’re All Wearing – The Summer Edit

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If you’re anything like me, and probably every other woman on the planet, once you find an outfit that you love you wear it at every opportunity you get.

Now, this is fine. It’s a perfect scenario¬†when you find a piece that’s flattering and makes you feel like a million bucks. What’s awkward is when every single other person has found that the same outfit fits them, in the same perfect way.

If you’ve been outside or even on Instagram in the last month then you already know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, you’re right. The Midi Dress¬†(aka the summer outfit we’re all wearing)

Unfortunately, the one I’m wearing here is no longer available but I’ve linked a similar one here

Zara Midi Dress

You know what, I would be mad but there are two very good reasons why I’m not.

1) I own one

2) They’re the cutest dress I have ever seen on a human body.

Zara Midi Dress

They’re so versatile and come in enough colours to cater for every personal style. So regardless of the fact that I’m seeing them everywhere, I’m still here for it and completely obsessed.

I wonder if this summer staple will make any appearances in any possible female episodes of Queer Eye season 3, Tan, we’re looking at you!


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