That Autumn Staple – An Ode To Leopard Print

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Seasons and styles go hand in hand. It’s rare that we go through a season without having one stand out staple when it comes to what everyone is wearing and this Autumn has been no exception.

In the Summer we had that floral midi, which was the definitive piece of the season. Now, we’re moving on, the floral print ship has sailed.

I’m not going to lie when leopard print garms started to hit the high street I wasn’t loving it. It brought back not-so-fond memories of leopard print everything circa the early noughties, not cute. But I have to admit, I’m kinda feeling.

This time around, people are wearing it better. The knowledge of styling has advanced (thank god) since the days of the leopard print camisoles, black jeans and clashing print dolly shoe days.  The choice of pieces online and on the high street is more fitting to the modern trends too. Hello, leopard print midi everything!

Some of the best midi print pieces I’ve seen are coming out of the likes of New Look (where the skirt I’m wearing in that picture is from), Topshop and & Other Stories


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