On Being Lost In Life

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When I was a kid,  I spent a lot of time planning and theorising about what my life would be like “when I grow up.” Thinking I would have my life set out by the time my twenties hit. Boy, was I wrong!

Now, firmly in my twenties, I can honestly say that I’m still clueless about where I want to be.

But, not everyone is going to be in the same place, it just took a hot minute for me to realise that. I have friends who are years into their career, some who are still in uni and others who just take each day as it comes.

And I think, for some people, it’s easier to talk and fantasise about what you want to do than it is to go out actually do it. I am definitely one of those people, a serial procrastinator who pretends they know what they want to do. When, in reality, they actually have no clue at all.

But, I’m over forcing myself to think I should know what I want to be doing in three or five years from now. I’m tired of having to come up with bull*** excuses every time someone asks me “what are you going to do after uni?” or “so what career path are you going to go down” ’cause the reality is, I just don’t know. And it’s okay to not be sure.






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