I’ve Set Up A Beauty Bank

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Homelessness and poverty is an issue which is often skirted around, especially in the beauty industry. That’s why I’ve decided to set up The Beauty Bank initiative, to help those who really, really need it.

Image by Martin Simm

If you’re followers of the-pool.com then you’ll know that they recently set one up and you’ll also know what a beauty bank is. For those of you who don’t, a beauty bank works similarly to a food bank. People donate things such as sanitary products, personal care products and cosmetics etc and they will be distributed to those who may not have access to these things.

Image by Martin Simm

Those products won’t reach anywhere near those who need them here in the North East. Therefore, I opted to set one in the Sunderland/Newcastle area.

Image by Martin Simm

If you know someone who may benefit from these donations, please get in touch! lauren.robinson.blog@gmail.com


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