Celebrating Women

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I love women and I love being a woman.

Over the years, fantastic women have changed what it means to be a female living in this world. From fighting for our right to vote and breaking through that glass ceiling. There are hundreds of things that make me proud to say I’m female.

One of them the most memorable, is the amazing work I’ve seen done in the community I live in. There are dozens of charities springing up to help people in need, especially women and girls living in poverty.

Organisations such as The Red Box Project and Free Period are fighting hard to help bring an end to period poverty. Helping the thousands of young girls and women missing out on school due to being unable to afford the correct sanitary protection.


I’m proud to say, I’ll be delivering a talk on International Women’s Day 2019 (08/03/2019) at the Hope Street Xchange, Sunderland. Alongside some amazing women who do some fantastic work in the local community.

I will be talking about why the Beauty Bank was set up. Also, about how it runs. Above all, how it has helped the community.

In February 2018 the Beauty Bank was set up. Its intention is to help those in need by giving them donated personal hygiene and sanitary products. Whether they be homeless or living in a women’s refuge or simply just can’t always afford them, the Beauty Bank is there for them.



  1. Liz 15th February 2019 / 12:16

    You are one amazing lady. Well done .xx

    • LaurenRobinson 15th February 2019 / 19:04

      Thank you so much Liz! The Beauty Bank wouldn’t be where it is today without your support! x

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